Tomorrow, 24th October 2012 I am going to Westminster as part of the UK Feminista ‘Lobby your MP’ event. I am lobbying my MP from Shropshire Phillip Dunne concerned as I am about female representation in politics, which I think is woefully inadequate, tied to stale notions of masculine breadwinners and subservient females that are replicated over and over again in society. The under-representation of female input in politics has massive repercussions in the way resources are allocated, by and to who in society. Leaving us one oared rowing in circles in the river.

It has been challenging to choose one subject for discussion from the array that fire my social justice approach to life. I could challenge my MP as I am one of the 68% of women that have lost their jobs nationally from public services since 2010. But no, too combative and after a red-faced angry speech I would be crying. Ditto the privatisation of the NHS, undoubtedly with a redder face and an angrier, swearier speech. Ok, well what about having a word to get Theresa to prompt a judicial inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan? Nope, not strictly a feminist issue although corrupt policing affects us all. Um, what about his views on Trenton Oldfield’s protest swim leading to six months in jail? Nope too provocative again, I am the 99%!

Well that narrows it down somewhat, leaving three main contenders – environmental concerns, PSHE and citizenship education in society or the objectification of women in the national press?

As my MP is Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology in Parliament, realistically how far will I get with a plea for a sustainable future? One that starts ideally from yesterday given that we’re reaching or in the tipping the point and fucking things up big time…nah, really cannot explain to someone who really won’t understand what the problem is. Even though sustainable technology is, to use an over-used phrase, ‘a no brainer’. Just feel that a (millionaire) businessman through and through will not appreciate hippy talk from the ‘climate Taliban’ (coined by Fare-dodger Osbourne).

That leaves education and objectification, and as so often with education it is able to supplement whatever it is you are thinking about but I will get to that shortly. So lets talk Leveson Mr Dunne…


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