Another Day in the Death of America | Review

Media Diversified

by Huma Munshi

It is a simple but devastating premise. On average, 7 children are killed each day in America by gun violence. Gary Younge, previously the America correspondent at the Guardian, now Editor-at-Large, has written a powerful account of one such day.  Another Day in the Death of America paints a picture of a country divided, brutalised and utterly complacent about the young children and teenagers that are being routinely killed through gun violence.

Younge writes that writers are never objective: they choose the subjects they wish to focus on; they give a voice to the otherwise unheard or the stories which would otherwise be left untold. Younge has picked this subject because, as he puts it, “he has skin in the game”. He is a father to two young black children and he, like us, is only too familiar about how black bodies and black lives…

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