Reflections on Week Seven Climate Change Course

This week the themes were mitigation and adaptation.


  1. What are the most important themes you have learned this week? It was good this week to focus on some positive changes to take humanity forward especially with such practical solutions in the built environment. Also the issue of procedural justice with regard to decision making is the holy grail of democracy and got me referring to a Jared Diamond book, Collapse. As the decisions we are politically making very often seem inadequate regarding the situation ahead. Even if the climate science is wrong is inaction a risk we really want to take, never mind running along the lines of the business as usual model.
  2. What aspect of this week did you find difficult? This was perhaps the most straight forward week in terms of terminology, which is my usual difficulty. I think I find general social resistance to the idea of climate change (or indifferent ignorance) one of the most difficult aspects of this whole situation. Some of the NIMBY arguments are just a plain wind up especially when sweeping, unsubstantiated claims are made.
  3. What did you find most interesting? And why? Finding out more about a local sustainable building was great. I liked finding out what is possible and what good construction practice can look like.
  4. Was there something that you learned this week that prompted you to do your own research? One protest site mentioned a movement against transmission lines. I did look briefly at the possible health impacts of transmission lines, and I will follow this up a bit more.
  5. Are there any web sites or other online resource that you found particularly useful in furthering your knowledge and understanding?  I realise it is not an academically quotable source but Wikipedia is just so useful to point you in the right direction sometimes.

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