Week Three. Signs of Climate Change

Notes from week three.  Observing and systematically recording weather allows us to identify key indicators of climate change. There have been considerable improvements in global coverage and technology to gather the data. A global mean temperature over land and in ocean is worked out, the average of all weather measurements taken over last 170 years, with allowance for errors (such as urbanisation).

Appears significant rise over 20th century. Year to year, decade to decade. Steady rise of sea levels since 1880, half due to thermal expansion, half to land ice melt. Perception that frequency of extreme weather events is on the increase but difficult to categorically say if climate change or natural fluctuation.

Can see what is happening….but why is extreme weather increasing?

Global surface temperature changes over time and varies from region to region. Looked at anomalies map (MET Office).


In response to August 2013 statement ‘Human induced Climate Change Requires Urgent Action’ and what is occurring locally I wrote: something that will not paste here. Damn you WordPress glitches!


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