Reflections on Week Two of Climate Change Course

Come on paste damn you! Nope cannot grab those questions 😦

Use of available technology six out of ten…as unable to use online whiteboards this week either.

1) Most important theme for me this week has been my understanding of different methods/types of climate change records. How do we know what we know and what supports that knowledge. Closely followed by my improving understanding of the different feedback mechanisms that contribute to climate change, such as chemical weathering.

2) Most difficult aspect of this week, as last week is the terminology, the last bit of MET link/piece about calculating anomalies lost me completely. Also getting my head around the time spans involved.

3) Most interesting aspect of course this week…difficult to choose…role of volcanoes in feedback mechanisms and our place in the habitable zone of the solar system both held my attention for illustrating the bigger picture.

4) It has been enough this week just following up the links for the six questions and deciding which one to answer.

5) NASA, Wiki (for pliocene) and comment/discussion threads




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