Philosophical Underpinnings

In the beginning…back in BC 450 there was Democracy 1.0.

A word from Pericles (Held 2006:13), famous funeral speech, “Our constitution is called a democracy because power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole people…everyone is equal before the law”. In this version of democracy all* citizens met to debate, decide and enact the law.

Here we are in Britain 2012 with a deeply mistrusted coalition government where the power appears to be in the hands of a wealthy minority, not the whole people. As one of the 99% I am going to be reflecting and writing about the implications of this misalignment of political power, referring to the many commentators and their ideas who have given it thought and sharing my experiences of resistance.

NB: *Outsiders, women and slaves were excluded from the version described by Pericles


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